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AT&T Corp.
Lucent Spin-off.
NCR Corp.
Spin-Off NCR, AT&T shareholders
received 1 shares of NCR for each 16
shares of AT&T. Cost basis allocated
95.23% to AT&T and 4.77% to NCR
5/14/1999 1 for 10 Reverse Split. According to the
NCR website, "This essentially cashed out accounts held
in book entry and certificate form unless the
shareholder purchased addional shares to have the
account hold 10 or more shares."
5/14/1999 10 for 1 forward split. According to the
NCR website, "this split immediately followed the
above reverse split, restoring accounts with 10 or
more whole shares to their original position."
Teradata Corporation
1/21/2005  2 for 1 Stock Split
Type:     Spin-off
Shares:  1 share of Teradata for each 1 share of NCR held on 9/14/2007
Basis Allocation: 47.63% NCR, 52.37% Teradata
Due to spin-off of Lucent, AT&T basis now diluted
to 72.01% of previous basis.
Pre-Divestiture AT&T
Type:     Divestiture of AT&T
Shares: Number of Shares remain the
same.Basis Allocation: 28.50% of
original AT&T Basis.
AT&T Corp
This chart will give you a good visual overview of NCR and Teradata  stock splits,name changes,mergers and spin-offs. Also included  is information on Lucent Spin-off from AT&T Corp., details of  reverse split and forward split on 5/14/1999.

NCR - Teradata Chart

Here is a flowchart to help you determine NCR - Teradata cost basis.