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Primeamerica Corp. (New)
Primerica Corp. (Old)
Salomon Inc.
Type: Merger
Shares: 1 share of Primerica Corp.
(new) per each share Primerica Corp.
(old) and $7.
Basis Allocation: Basis in Primerica
(new) received is same as old
Primerica (old), reduced by any part
of cash not taxed as gain.
Type: Merger
Shares: 1.695 shares of Travelers Group 
Inc per each share Solomon Inc. Cash paid
for fractions. Cash paid for fractions.
Basis Allocation: Previous basis in Salomon
Inc. Carries to new Travelers Group shares.
Travelers Group
Citigroup Inc.
Name Change: Upon Merger Name changed to Citigroup Inc.
2/26/1993  3 for 2 Stock Split
8/27/1993 4 for 3 Stock Split
5/24/1996 3 for 2 Stock Split
11/22/1996 4 for 3 Stock Split
11/19/1997 3 for 2 Stock Split
5/28/1999 3 for 2 Stock Split
8/25/2000 4 for 3 Stock Split
Type: Merger
Shares:2.5 shares of Citigroup per
each share Citicorp Inc. Cash paid for
fractional shares. Travelers
stockholders maintained their shares
of Travelers Group stock under the
Citigroup name.
Basis Allocation: Basis in Citigroup
Inc. becomes basis in Citicorp less
adjustments for sale of fractional
Associates First Capital Corp.
Type:  Merger
Shares: 0.7334 shares of Citigroup Inc per each share Associates First Capital corp. and $7. Cash paid for fractions
Basis Allocation: Basis in Citigroup Inc. received is same as previous basis in Associates First Capital.
Travelers Property Casualty Corp.
This chart will give you a good visual overview of Citigroup Inc stock splits,name changes,mergers and spin-offs. Included is the original Primeamerica Corp (old) merger into Primeamerica Corp. (new), the merger with Salomon Inc., the name Merger with Travelers and name change to Citigroup Inc., the merger with Associates First Capital Corp and the merger with Associates First Capital Corp.

Here is a flowchart to help you determine Citigroup Inc. cost basis.

5/9/2011 1 for 10 Reverse Stock Split
Spin-Off - Citigroup shareholders
received.0.0432043 shares of Travelers
class A common and 0.887656 shares of
Travelers Class B common stock for each
outstanding share of Citigroup common
stock.  Cash paid for fractional shares.
Basis Allocation:
   Citigroup Common: 93.63%
   Travelers Property Casualty Class A
Common: 1.98%
   Travelers Property Casualty Class B
Common: 4.39%

Citigroup Inc.