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4/30/1971 - Changed name to Squibb Corp.
5/20/1974  2 for 1 Stock Split
6/1/1987  2 for 1 Stock Split
Squibb Beach-Nut Corp.
Olin Mathieson
Type:     Spin-Off
Shares:  0.6695 shares of Squibb
Beach-nut for each share of Olin
Basis Allocation: Olin - 58.2368%,
Squibb Beachnut - 41.7632
Squibb Corp.
Westmark International
Type:     Spin-Off 
Shares: 1 Share of Westmark for each 5 shares of Squibb Corp.
Basis Allocation: Squibb - 97.1200%, Westmark - 2.8800%
Squibb Corp.
Bristol-Meyers Company
Bristol Meyers Squibb Company
Zimmer Holdings, Inc.
2/28/1997  2 for 1 Stock Split
2/26/1999  2 for 1 Stock Split
This chart will give you a good visual overview of Bristol-Meyers Squibb, stock splits,name changes,mergers and spin-offs. Also included are spin-offs of Olin Mathieson, Westmark International as well as the merger of Squibb Corporation and Bristol-Myers to form Briston-Meyers Squibb Company which later spun-off Zimmer Holdings Inc.
Squibb Corporation and Bristol-Myers
Company merged to form Bristol-Myers
Squibb Company. Prior basis of Squibb
shareholders carried 100% to Bristol-
Meyers Squibb Company. 1 Share of
Squibb Corp receives 2.4 shares of Bristol-
Meyers Squibb.
Type:     Spin-Off
Shares: 1 Share of Zimmer Holdings, Inc for each 10 shares of Bristol Meyers Squibb
Basis Allocation: Bristol Meyers -  95.1777%, Zimmer - 4.8223%

Bristol-Meyers Squibb

Here is a flowchart to help you determine Bristol-Myers Squibb cost basis.