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This site was created to provide basis of stock flowcharts that make it visually easier for people to understand specific historical mergers and spin-offs of various companies.

Much of this information is historical and not easily obtained.

Information provided.

For the subject companies, we provide stock split (normal and reverse split) information as well as pertinant merger information.

Also when a company spins-off another company and gives it's shareholders stock in the new company, we provide the information to determine how many shares of the new company they received.

We provide the basis allocation of the new and old shares in the transaction.

Other Historical Stock Info

This site is a sister site with Where you can get more detailed historical information on companies such as CommEd, Sears, First Chicago, and Mobil.

Information is also available there for the 7 Baby Bell companies created when AT&T was split up December, 31, 1983. The 7 Baby Bells were Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, Bell South,NYNEX, Pacific Telesis, Southwestern Bell, and US West.
AT&T Corp.
Pacific Telesis
Air Touch Communications Inc.
Vodafone AirTouch PLC
6/9/86  2 for 1 Stock Split
3/25/87  2 for 1 Stock Split
7/28/2000 Name changed to
Vodafone Group Plc (new)
Type:     Merger
Shares:  1 share of Air Touch for each 0.5 shares of Vodafone
Basis Allocation:100% of previous basis allocated to new merged company.
4-1-1997 PACTEL was aquired by SBC
Type:     Spin-Off
Shares:  1 share of Air Touch for
each share of Pacific Telesis
Basis Allocation: PACTEL    60.17%,
Air Touch  39.83%
Type:     Divestiture of AT&T
Shares:  1 share Pacific Telesis for each 10 shares of pre-divestiture AT&T held
Basis Allocation: .0888 of original AT&T Basis.
10/4/1999  5 for 1 Stock Split
7/31/2006  Reverse Split
7 shares for each 8 share owned.

Basis of Stock Flow Charts